Marvel vs. DC

I’m usually fairly open-minded when it comes to superhero movies.. at least at first. I wouldn’t even consider myself “critical” of some of the upcoming superhero movies, but more or less cautious about the direction some of these stories are heading.

For example: I seriously questioned Bryan Singer’s directing and storytelling ability now that I’ve looked back on watching the original X-Men trilogy (I haven’t watched it recently). What bugs me about the original trilogy is that they titled each of these movies as “X-Men” to some degree — X2 is still a really stupid title.. they should’ve just stuck with X-Men United or come up with something better — but they’re not even about the X-Men really. I’m going to make the bold claim that Bryan Singer has a thing for Wolverine. Whether you want to argue that or not, it’s showing in the X-Men franchise. Outside of the Wolverine films, Singer has essentially pioneered the X-Men franchise as it was and as it is and, apparently, as it will be. Knowing that he didn’t do anything with the Wolverine films is great for me, but when you look at the scope of the entire X-Men franchise (excluding First Class), it’s all about Wolverine. You can’t deny that. The franchise is practically “Wolverine and the X-Men”. Even Days of Future Past puts Wolverine at the focus of the story.

I excluded First Class because that didn’t have anything to do with Wolverine whatsoever, but I strayed off of what I really wanted to talk about, hah.

Ultimately, my “cautious” side of superhero movies is really more geared toward DC’s line of films. I’m confident that Marvel Studios is doing everything they can to build and maintain a cohesive universe that shapes not only their entire cinematic franchise, but also their television franchise. With DC, however, it’s so disturbingly interesting what they’re doing post-Man of Steel. I’m basically referring to the idea that Warner Brothers and DC have entrusted their entire cinematic universe in two people: Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer.

That scares me – it really does. I enjoyed Man of Steel for what it was and when they announced the sequel as a crossover with Batman loosely mimicking the later story of “The Dark Knight Returns”, I got a little overwhelmed with excitement. But then the rumors and announcements after that got way too ridiculous for me to even really get interested in anymore. They started to lose me with the announcement of Ben Affleck — and at this point, I’m going to see the movie anyway, so I don’t care anymore — then the announcement of Wonder Woman, and then Cyborg.. It just really became clear to me that maybe Warner Brothers is winging this universe. Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen.

But with the multitude of things that David Goyer’s working on, how is he having the time to put all of this together with Snyder? They’ve even announced that Snyder will be directing the Justice League film. What a surprise! (not) Now it hasn’t been said whether or not Goyer will develop the story for it, but let’s go ahead and assume that he’s probably working on it with Snyder right now as they’re filming the Man of Steel sequel. Because of what Goyer’s doing, I just think that eventually, he won’t be able to keep up with Snyder and how the universe is developing. That’s the problem that I see with two people taking over this universe: one of them will get tired.

This is also one huge “pro” that I hold for Marvel. They’ve got a writing team for these movies. They’d have to, at least, especially with films being planned through 2028. We’re just now getting further into “Phase 2” and will start “Phase 3” with Ant-Man, but who knows where the story will go from there? Things are only being speculated right now and we’re trying to piece together what Marvel has planned through all the new pieces of info we’re given; such as Sebastian Stan having seven more films contracted with Marvel Studios and Chris Evans only having three more, giving us the idea that Stan will take over for Evans as Captain America after he (predictably) dies.

The fact remains that you can’t build a universe with just two people. Well, not a universe that’s even close in scale to what Marvel’s building. DC and Warner Brothers aren’t even going to try to build a universe in comparison with Marvel’s and that’s another scary thought. They’ve already come out and said that their television universe is not going to be apart of their film universe, which personally, I think is ridiculous considering The Flash is on the Justice League and that’s what they’re trying to build to.. but they further solidified that statement when I found out that “Gotham” was a Fox series. So let’s just say this, they know Gotham’s going to fail because they gave it to Fox. 

Maybe I’m wrong for comparing the two, but if Warner Brothers wants the DC properties to be even remotely comparable in success to Marvel’s, then maybe they should adopt the kind of production process that Marvel’s enacting.

Sorry if this entire post doesn’t necessarily make total sense. I wasn’t expecting for it to be as long as it turned out.


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